Things i have finally stop doing and sor do you!

  1. Checking out his/her ex on Instagram: When this does ever end in anything but paranoia and insecurity? I have never been reassured by ‘checking out the ex’. I always find something about her that is better, whether it’s her eyelashes, body or career. Now, i feel even remotely tempted, i preserve my sanity by blocking said ex. Then i forget what their handle was within two seconds and the option of ever stalking them is handily wiped out forever.
  2. Not accepting help: Let’s face it, there are things about being single that suck, and specially when you have to do the double work. This includes hosting family for a weekend, which when you are in a couple you split the work but now i have to: clean the flat, wash the bad linen, make beds, shop for all the meals, make the meals, clean after the meals, and the worst thing is that when someone ask me for help i wearily say: ‘No, no, you are my guest’ like a martyr. Nowadays i just say: ‘Yes please, Thank you’ – Accept help when family of friends stay over
  3. Clicking to see if they are online: Then getting into a fictional storyline as why they are online and not messaging me back. This is jus crackers. Now, when i see them online and not replying i just push myself to stop watching the screen, block it and do something else.
  4. Double messaging: They got my message. They have not forgotten how to read. They don’t need a reminder. If they don’t reply they just can f*** ***! Rejection is the universe protection.
  5. Sending ‘i saw this and i thought about you’ messages: I didn’t see this and i thought of them. I thought of them before, repeatedly and then found this, in order to have and excuse to message them crank them into communication.
  6. This thought: ‘i’m going to check he’s ok’: I don’t need to check he is ok. My message won’t save him from a hostage situation. He will not message me back saying ‘No, i am not ok. I am being kidnap in Bogotá, please help me’
  7. Thinking that the person who sends the last message ‘wins’: Don’t be a liar, we all think that sometimes. I am trying to grow up, ok? 😀


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